What is Cool Jerk?

Welcome to the home of Cool Jerk, our brand of delicious and mouth-watering gourmet beef jerky, made with love and care in the great state of Minnesota. Based on traditional Southeast Asian jerky recipes, Cool Jerk is not your run-of-the-mill, rubbery, truck stop beef snack – it’s sweet, savory, crisp, chewy, gluten-free, and wholesome as well.

We started Cool Jerk in the Spring of 2010 as a way to share our Aunt’s homemade beef jerky with the rest of the world. She has been making sweet and savory beef jerky for over 20 years, using fresh, natural ingredients and techniques used in recipes from her home country of Laos. Traditionally paired with sticky rice, papaya salad, and other Lao dishes, this delicious jerky goes well with just about anything.

Bring Cool Jerk along to your next road trip, birthday party, outdoor adventure, movie night, potluck meal, game night, picnic, or anywhere else where hungry friends and family are getting together!

Our Team of Jerks

Nak Hoon Jung, Minny Kouanechao, and Mani Vannavong.

Nak Hoon Jung, Minny Kouanechao, and Mani Vannavong.

Nak Hoon Jung

Nak has 10 years of sales experience and 5 years of buying / manufacturing experience with nation retail chains.  He was also owner / general manager for his family's produce business for 3 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to Cool Jerk.

Minny Kouanechao

Minny has over 6 years of combined product development, marketing and customer service experience in the apparel industry including women's national retailer Christopher & Banks. Minny was previously a Center Director at a Montessori School managing the day to day operations.

Mani Vannavong

With over 15 years of grants and finance management in both the public and non-profit sectors, Mani is also experienced in developing small businesses and managing large scale projects such as Minneapolis' Hiawatha Light Rail and Central Corridor.

Chanda Kouanchao, Mali Kouanchao, and Mike Davis

Chanda Kouanchao, Mali Kouanchao, and Mike Davis

Chanda Kouanchao

Having spent the first 13 years of his life in Laos, Chanda knows Lao food backwards and forwards. A senior systems engineer by day, he helped his sister Mali get Cool Jerk up and running from the very beginning.